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Tuscaloosa County IDA Announces New Name and Logo (3/31/2021) (Press Release)

SMP to add Third Facility to Tuscaloosa County Investment (3/30/2021) (Press Release)

Mercedes-Benz Announces New $53 Million Facility to Support Electric Vehicle Production (9/24/2020)-Mercedes-Benz US International plans to locate a new facility in Vance for the assembly and sequencing of motor vehicle parts for the company’s future electric vehicle production. The project represents a capital investment of $53.5 million and the creation of 373 new jobs. Construction is scheduled to start in October. The company anticipates project operations to start in July 2022. (Tuscalooosa Thread)

Shelby Announces DOT BUILD Grant Awards in Tuscaloosa and the Wiregrass Region (9/10/2020)

TCIDA Welcomes New Executive Director (7/27/2020) (Press Release)

Ashton Lewis to Purchase and Expand Local Sawmill (6/30/2020)-Ashton Lewis, a division of Great Southern Wood Preserving, Inc., will establish an operation in Tuscaloosa County through the purchase of assets of W G Sullivan Lumber Company located in Northport (AL). Ashton Lewis will purchase the lumber mill, its equipment and other assets for around $5.1 million. The company proposes to retain and solidify the existing operation while expanding production of the sawmill facility, with plans to more than double production in the next 12 months. Ashton Lewis intends to maintain current staff at the Northport mill and hire 35 more workers. W. G. Sullivan purchased the sawmill in 1956 and it remained a family-owned company until the purchase by Ashton Lewis. Sullivan Lumber is recognized as a global exporter of cut and treated Alabama wood.

Automotive Investment in Tuscaloosa County Continues to Grow with Martinrea Expansion (5/21/2020)-Martinrea Tuscaloosa announced plans to expand its manufacturing facility in Tuscaloosa County (AL) to address production and assembly of parts for Mercedes’ new electric vehicle.  The facility manufactures automotive components for Mercedes and other OEMs. The Martinrea expansion project represents an investment of approximately $52.3 million and will create 62 new jobs and retain 13 jobs. Martinrea International recently acquired the Metalsa Tuscaloosa manufacturing facility located in the Airport Industrial Park. Martinrea International Inc. (TSX: MRE) is a leader in the development and production of quality metal parts, assemblies and modules, fluid management systems, and complex aluminum products focused primarily on the automotive sector. Martinrea operates in 57 locations in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Slovakia, Spain, China, South Africa and Japan.

First-of-its-Kind Operation to Locate in Tuscaloosa County to Support Mining Industry (3/26/2020)-Minerals Refining Company (MRC) announced plans to establish a first of its kind production facility in the United States in Tuscaloosa County (AL). MRC is a supporting industry to Warrior Met Coal and is seeking to co-locate at Warrior Met’s Preparation Plant No. 7 on Hannah Creek Road. The company is proposing to utilize a patented technology to enhance recovery of ultrafine metallurgical coal particles during the preparation process that would otherwise be treated as waste product by Warrior Met. This will be the first such production facility of its kind in the United States when it becomes operational. The MRC project represents an investment of $14.85 million and 10 new, high-paying jobs.

Warrior Met Coal Announces Plans for New Mine Expected to Create Over 300 High Paying Jobs (2/19/2020) Warrior Met Coal Press Release

Local Manufacturer Invests in State-of-the-Art Improvements and New Jobs (11/21/2019)-Valmont Newmark announced plans to expand its Tuscaloosa (AL) operations with a $5.6 million investment and the creation of 15 new jobs. The project will allow the concrete utility pole manufacturer to expand its current production facility and its production capacity. The expansion will add about 60% more facility space. The new activity will allow Valmont to fabricate larger concrete poles and will create a state-of-the-art facility. The company plans to hire 15 full-time people immediately and expects to grow more. Valmont Newmark is a branch of Valmont Utility, a division of Valmont Industries. Valmont is one of the world’s leading providers of engineered products and services for infrastructure, and irrigation equipment for agriculture.

Lear Corporation To Create 442 Jobs With Expansion Plans (10/24/2019)Lear Corporation announced plans to expand its operations in Tuscaloosa County (AL) to increase production capacity. The Lear project represents an initial investment of approximately $12.4 million and the creation of 442 jobs. Lear is a leading global supplier of automotive seating and electrical power management systems and supplies the Mercedes-Benz facility in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. Existing operations are located on Brookwood Parkway and the company employs almost 800 people. The proposed project includes an expansion of the existing building footprint and additional square footage at a location to be determined. Lear announced plans to locate in Tuscaloosa County in 2012 and previously expanded in 2016.

New Automotive Supplier To Locate in Tuscaloosa County, Increasing Community’s Automotive Footprint (10/24/2019)-International Automotive Components Group North America (IAC) presented to the board of the Tuscaloosa County Industrial Development Authority plans to locate a new operation in Tuscaloosa County (AL). The proposed project represents an initial investment of $22.3 million and the creation of 119 new jobs. IAC supplies Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with instrument panels, console systems, door panels, headliners and overhead systems, bumper fascia’s and exterior trim. The company will locating activities in an existing building in Cedar Cove Technology Park. IAC’s investment would include services of an existing contract to supply Honda. IAC anticipates additional business activity in the near future. Headquartered in Luxembourg, IAC Group’s reach spans the globe, with over 18,000 employees in 17 countries.

Home-grown Company Expands to Support National Market (1/24/2019)-Coral Industries is proposing to expand its Tuscaloosa operations to increase production capacity and expand its product line in the framed and frameless shower door industry. The investment is expected to contribute to a significant increase in annual sales, which will enhance its market position. Coral will invest approximately $5.4 million in new equipment. The project will not result in new direct jobs immediately, but jobs impacted by the new product line will convert to higher skill jobs at a higher wage rate. Coral Industries was established in 1976 with its headquarters in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. In 2018, Coral was acquired by Oldcastle Building Envelope, which is a U.S. subsidiary of CRH plc, one of the top five international building products companies. Coral currently employs more than 400 people at two facilities in Tuscaloosa County. Prior to the Oldcastle purchase, Coral had grown to become the largest independent manufacturer of quality bath enclosures in a sector that includes almost 150 national and regional competitors.

Alabama-based Hanna Steel To Increase Production and Expand Product Line (1/24/2019)-Hanna Steel Corporation announced plans to expand its facility in the Tuscaloosa County Airport Industrial Park in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The expansion project represents an investment of approximately $36.7 million and the creation of 26 new jobs. The investment will allow the company to increase production capacity and expand its product line in the steel industry. The project will improve the efficiency of tube production and enable the company to change its production sizes with minimal downtime. Hanna has operated in Tuscaloosa since 1991. The Tuscaloosa facility serves as the company’s southeast tubing operations. Hanna has invested more than $75 million in the Tuscaloosa facility since its initial location. Hanna Steel Corporation is still a privately held company with corporate headquarters in Hoover, Alabama. It provides ASTM standard structural and mechanical tubing both domestically and internationally. Hanna’s Tuscaloosa facility currently employ 174 people.