Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry has become a prominent manufacturing sector in Alabama’s Central region due to the location of Mercedes-Benz, Honda, and other automotive component makers, establishing the area as a developing automotive “hot spot.” Tuscaloosa County is in close proximity to MBUSI, but also in close distance to many other potential customers in the Southeast.



Interstate Miles from Tuscaloosa

(1) Mercedes-Benz U.S. International

Tuscaloosa County, AL


(2) BMW Manufacturing Co.

Greer, SC

362 miles/583 km E

(3) Honda Motor Company

Lincoln, AL

80 miles/129 km NE

(4) Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama

Montgomery, AL

107 miles/172 km SE

(5) Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia

West Point, GA

190 miles/305 km E

(6) Nissan North America Canton Mfg

Canton, MS

200 miles/322 km W

(7) Volkswagen Group of America

Chattanooga, TN

220 miles/354 km NE

Mercedes-Benz U.S. International began production of the new M-Class Sports Utility Vehicle in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama in 1997. Since then, MBUSI has added the R-Class and the GL-Class to production and the company will begin production of the C-Class sedan in 2014 and a new yet unnamed vehicle in 2015.

Mercedes was the first of the current Alabama OEMs to locate in our state and represents the beginning of the growing automotive industry that exists today in our region. The company uses a just-in-time delivery system for its automotive production which has enhanced our supplier network.

Mercedes Facts

Automotive Suppliers

Tuscaloosa County is home to several automotive suppliers. Most supply parts and/or services to Mercedes. In Alabama, there are approximately 350 automotive-related manufacturers that serve Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes or Volkswagen. Some of the suppliers provide parts to the German OEMs, Mercedes, BMW and Volkswagen.

Automotive Cluster in Tuscaloosa County