Existing industries in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama are in demand! While some are enhancing existing products and services, others are introducing new products to their already successful product lines. Our industrial base is an example of the success that can be achieved when you combine innovation and quality with a positive business environment. Even with the recent challenges of the global economy, our industries have achieved continued product growth and development.

Phifer Incorporated
January 2017-Phifer announced an $11 million investment in its Tuscaloosa manufacturing facility to upgrade and replace equipment that impacts all of the company’s product lines. The improvements are intended to make the company’s processes more efficient, resulting in increased capacity. In 2012, Phifer increased production of its interior sun control fabrics line. Sun control fabrics are typically used in commercial settings and manage the sun’s heat and glare which can help with energy costs and worker productivity. A global leader in technical textile design and production, Phifer specializes in innovative interior and exterior sun control fabrics, high performance indoor/outdoor furniture fabrics, specialty wire and screening products for windows and doors. Phifer’s headquarters were established in Tuscaloosa in 1952.

Brose Tuscaloosa
November 2016-Brose announced plans to expand its Vance, AL facility where it produces automotive components for multiple automotive manufacturers including Mercedes-Benz. The $26.5 capital investment project will increase production of automotive parts to be supplied to existing and potentially new automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. The project is scheduled to place-in-service in December 2017. Brose has increased its presence in Tuscaloosa County and Alabama since initially locating here in 2003, with expansions in 2009, 2010, and 2011.

Lear Corporation
July 2016-Lear announced plans to expand its facility in Tuscaloosa County. The expansion will increase production to supply seating systems for Mercedes-Benz. New production will manufacture seating systems for the GLE and GLS coupe vehicles. The plant currently produces systems for the C-Class vehicle. The expansion includes a $27.7 million capital investment and the creation of 535 automotive jobs. Lear, a leading global supplier of automotive seating and electrical systems, is ranked #154 on the Fortune 500.

JNJ Production
May 2016-JNJ Apparel adds manufacturing capabilities to its retail operations with the establishment of a new screen printing facility. JNJ Apparel is a custom screen printing, embroidery, advertising and specialty items company home-grown in Tuscaloosa. JNJ Production will locate a new state-of-the-art screen printing operation in Northport, AL. The project creates 30 new jobs and invests almost $2.7 million.

Mercedes-Benz U.S. International
September 2015-MBUSI announced an almost $1.3 billion expansion of its Tuscaloosa County plant to produce Daimler’s next generation luxury SUV that will be among the world’s finest and most technologically-advanced vehicles. The project will add 1.3 million square feet to the existing facility. MBUSI currently manufactures five (5) vehicles at its Alabama plant and estimates capacity to exceed 300,000 vehicles for 2015 and beyond. Three hundred new jobs will be created with this expansion.

Coral Industries

September 2015-Coral Industries enhances its manufacturing capabilities with the relocation and expansion of its commercial aluminum and glass systems manufacturing facility. Coral intends to increase production of its commercial aluminum products in the wholesale market. This expansion also allows the company to begin fabrication of additional products, such as brake metals and sunshades, for the retail commercial markets. The $5.2 million expansion project will locate in Northport and will create 20 new jobs. Coral is a family-owned business headquartered in Tuscaloosa, Alabama since its establishment in 1976. It is the largest independent manufacturer of quality bath enclosures of almost 150 national and regional competitors.

Nucor_badge_Tuscaloosa 2013

Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa

November 2014-Nucor Steel Tuscaloosa announced an expansion that includes the addition of accelerated cooling to its existing plant in Tuscaloosa County. The addition of this capability, which increases the cooling of the steel and makes it stronger, will allow the company to produce steel for additional industry sectors and increase its customer base. The Nucor plant, located along the Black Warrior River, makes steel coils and plates. It is part of Nucor Corp., one of the country’s largest steelmakers. Nucor bought the Tuscaloosa steel plant 10 years ago. During that time, it has invested more than $150 million in the plant, increased employment from 300 workers to 428 workers, and increased annual steel production from 670,000 tons to 1.2 million tons.

Toyota Boshoku America
April 2014 – Toyota Boshoku America announced that it will open a new production facility next year in an industrial park near Mercedes-Benz U.S. International in Vance. The company will have 36 highly skilled employees and will make interior components for a new model that Mercedes-Benz will add to its production lineup in Vance in 2015. Toyota Boshoku, which is based in Japan, has more than $12 billion in annual global sales. The company is 95 years old and was founded by Sakichi Toyoda. It originally did weaving on specialized looms. Today, the company has more than 32,000 employees worldwide, according to its website. The Toyoda family later founded the Toyota Motor Corp. The two companies, however, are separate publicly traded corporations. Both companies’ executive leadership includes descendents of Sakichi Toyoda.


Bolta Werke GmbH
October 2013-Bolta announced plans to build its first manufacturing plant in the U.S. in Tuscaloosa. The plant will supply specialized-molded plastic and chrome parts to the Mercedes, as well as to other auto makers across the state and region. Bolta will be located in the Tuscaloosa County Airport Industrial Park and is scheduled to start production in 2015.

Lapp Group
October 2013-Lapp Group has developed a state-of-the-art teaching lab at Shelton State Community College. The Tuscaloosa based two-year school is the first community college in the United States to partner with German based U.I. Lapp Group. On October 24, Andreas Lapp, Chairman of the Lapp Group, and members of his executive team, have been on campus for an inauguration event and “cable cutting” ceremony for the LAPP Center for Excellence in Cable Technology at Shelton State Community College.  The LAPP Center is equipped with authentic Lapp manufactured high tech cables that students in the Mechatronics, Industrial Electricity and Industrial Electronics disciplines will learn how to work on. The company will also supply a curriculum that will allow students to train with the most up to date tools and equipment in the cable industry. This major resource will also prepare students as they complete their education and transition into the workplace.

ZF Lemforder Corporation
April 2013-Announced plans to expand Tuscaloosa facility to make the front and rear axles for a new generation of Mercedes C-Class sedans, starting in 2014. ZF will spend $14.6 million to expand its 157,000-square-foot factory at the Tuscaloosa County Airport Industrial Park.

Borgers USA Corp.
March 2013-Borgers announced plans to add an automotive molding line to its Brookwood, AL facility. This line will serve a new OEM for the company. Borgers has been located in Tuscaloosa County since 2004.

Mercedes-Benz U.S. International
In 2012, MBUSI announced plans to add a fifth yet unnamed vehicle to its product line at its Tuscaloosa County facility. Production will begin in 2015. This activity follows the announcement in 2011 that MBUSI will begin manufacturing its C-Class sedan in Tuscaloosa County in 2014. In 2013, MBUSI announced plans to build a $70 million on-site parts consolidation center.

Metalsa Tuscaloosa
January 2013-Metalsa Tuscaloosa, formerly ISE Innomotive Systems U.S., is expanding its existing facility to introduce production of new parts for the Mercedes C-Class (B-Pillar) and aluminum washing capabilities. The expansion will also incorporate an on-site warehouse at its Tuscaloosa location.

Boysen USA Alabama LLC
September 2012-Boysen will make exhaust systems, mufflers and catalytic converters, for Mercedes-Benz’s next generation of C-Class sedans. Boysen is a privately owned German company that specializes in making in automotive exhaust systems. The $34 million plant will be located in Brookwood. Boysen has plants on four continents and plans for a fifth in South America.

Hunt Refining Company
In 2010, Hunt completed a multi-million expansion of its refining operation in Tuscaloosa. When announced in 2006, this was the first expansion of a refinery in the United States in 20 years. The expansion allowed the Tuscaloosa refinery to increase its capacity from 52,000 barrels per day to the current 72,000 barrels per day. As a result of the expansion project, the refinery doubled the amount of gasoline and distillates that it produces and improved its flexibility in running various crude streams. In 2012, Hunt added rail facilities to support the company’s increased production.

BLG Logistics
November 2011-Announced plans to expand its Legacy Industrial Campus facility (Vance) where it performs sub-assembly and sequencing of automotive parts for Mercedes and other automotive manufacturers. The expansion relates to processes for finished vehicles consolidated parts from Europe, which includes sequencing and packaging activities. This expansion comes a little over a year after the company announcing construction of a new facility in Vance in July 2012.

Gaylord Chemical Company
Gaylord completed the construction and relocation (from Louisiana) of its Dimethyl Sulfide (DMS) and Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) facility in Tuscaloosa in 2012. Gaylord is the only DMS/DMSO facility in the world that makes pharmaceutical DMSO. Gaylord is the only producer of DMS and DMSO in the western hemisphere and it exports 50% of its product to 35 countries. The company utilizes by-products produced by local refining company Hunt Refining.