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Water & Sewer

The cities of Tuscaloosa and Northport provide water and sewer services to their respective communities, with water from Tuscaloosa as the primary source for local industry.

Tuscaloosa’s water is soft and low in mineral content.


English Unit

Metric Unit

Annual System Delivery

> 8 billion gallons a year

Largest Reservoir Capacity

40.0 billion gallons

151 million cubic meters

Water Storage Capacity

25.4 million gallons

96 million liters

Water Treatment Capacity

59.7 Mgal/day

82.5 million m³/year

Current Water Treatment Use

26.0 Mgal/day

35.9 million m³/year

Wastewater Treatment Capacity

24.0 Mgal/day

33.2 million m³/year

Current Wastewater Treatment Use

15.0 Mgal/day

20.7 million m³/year

  • City of Tuscaloosa has three sources of raw water with a total capacity of more than 44 billion gallons. Tuscaloosa’s largest reservoir has a capacity of approximately 40 billion gallons (151 million cubic meters) and can provide a safe withdrawal rate of approximately 200 million gallons per day (276.3 million cubic meters per year).
  • Harris Lake is designated for industrial water only and has a storage capacity of 1 billion gallons of water.
  • In 2012, Jerry Plott Water Treatment Plant won the Best Operated Plant award (Surface Water 10-20 MGD category) and was recognized as a 3 Year Winner. The Ed Love Water Treatment Plant received Awards of Excellence in the Surface Water 40-50 MGD category and in the Distribution System 50,001-100,000 Meters category. These awards are presented annually by the Alabama Water and Pollution Control Association.