Proclaimed as the “Capstone of Education,” Tuscaloosa County features public and private educational facilities that produce excellence through a positive learning environment.

Tuscaloosa benefits from the location of a nationally recognized university; a community college that features junior and technical divisions; and a private liberal arts college. The institutions collectively promote our quality of life and contribute to the successful endeavors of our business community.

At the primary and secondary level, public and private schools strive to provide a quality education that allows its students to continue their studies anywhere in the nation or world. Innovative programs and challenging curriculums address the needs of all students, including those with special needs.

The level of excellence is evidenced in achievement scores that exceed national averages, and in the fact that students and teachers from our school systems at all levels consistently earn national and academic awards, scholarships and honors for excellence. National merit scholarship finalists and semi-finalists are produced each year from local institutions.

Through a support network of partnership programs and task forces, the business community contributes to the educational development of tomorrow’s workforce. Education and business work together to ensure that our future workforce can compete in and contribute to the global marketplace.

Educational opportunities in Tuscaloosa County enhance an already well educated community allowing for continued education in almost every area of interest imaginable.

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